It doesn’t get any more energy-efficient and energy-conscious than this!

Energy-efficient and -conscious

Your energy-conscious dwelling was built to use energy efficiently. It has excellent insulation and all the windows are fitted with triple- insulating glazing. Instead of a boiler, your home is equipped with a sustainable heat pump that draws heat from the outside air. Combined with the underfloor heating, this creates a very comfortable indoor climate.

The roof is clad with solar panels on the most south-facing side, which you use to generate your own, sustainable energy.
The ventilation, which is controlled with CO2 sensors, continually measures how much air must be extracted or supplied. This smart system ensures no energy is wasted on heating excess air. Your heat recovery system preheats the fresh air used to ventilate the building, using the existing heat in your home. Less energy is thus needed to heat this air to room temperature.

The energy monitor continually informs you about the energy that you generate and consume, giving you 24/7 access
to your personal energy status! Thanks to all of these measures, a family with one child (under 12yo), that consumes energy in a conscious way, will not have to pay for energy.